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Summers Engineering building, engineer statue and 3D steel sculpture of globe-shaped compass portrait drawn by Nickie Vigilante.

The civil engineering firm of Summers Engineering, Inc. was established in April 1962. Summers Engineering provides consulting services to water agencies, municipalities, irrigation and drainage districts, private entities and others.

Principal work consists of feasibility studies, drainage studies, water supply studies, groundwater investigations, environmental impact studies, contract negotiations for both water supply and loans, the design, preparation of specifications and supervision of construction of wells, canals, drains, pipelines, pumping plants and municipal facilities. Other work has consisted of the design of small airports, roadways, and small building design and site planning.


Irrigation Design

Canal Lining Project at Firebaugh Canal Water District.

Canal Lining Project at Firebaugh Canal Water District

This work includes the design of open canals, closed pipelines, pumping plants, irrigation structures, water storage reservoirs, flow measurement and other facilities that are part of an irrigation system.

Hydraulic Design

McKay Point at Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District.

McKay Point Structures for Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District

This includes detailed hydraulic design of open channel flow, closed pipeline flow, and pipeline network analysis for design of distribution systems. Complex hydraulic calculations are made using spreadsheets, WaterCAD, and other applicable software.

Drainage System Design

Tile Water Recirculation System at Panoche Drainage District.

Tile Water Recirculation System at Panoche Drainage District

Summers Engineering has extensive experience in managing agricultural drainage projects including the Grassland Bypass Project in the Los Banos area and the Westside San Joaquin River Watershed Coalition as part of the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program. Summers Engineering also has experience in designing on-farm subsurface drainage systems, conveyance systems, related drainage reuse projects, evaporation basins, and work related to treatment of drainage water.

Structural Design

Delta Canal Flume at Henry Miller Reclamation District

Delta Canal Flume at Henry Miller Reclamation District

Summers Engineering has the capability of complete structural design of reinforced concrete structures including turn out structures, weirs, control gate structures, bridges, flumes, pump sumps, and any other structure related to water delivery and drainage.

Water Treatment Plant Design

Surface Water Treatment Plant at Kettleman City Community Services Distrct.

Surface Water Treatment Plant at Kettleman City Community Services District

Summers Engineering has expertise in the design of potable surface water treatment plants with conventional or membrane filtration and various chemical treatment systems.


Professional Engineer Chris Linneman doing water flow testing.

Stream gauging for Grassland Bypass Project

Summers Engineering has expertise in developing and managing water quality monitoring programs including development of the monitoring program (and associated documents), management of field sampling, receiving data and applying appropriate quality control and quality assurance programs, managing and reporting data in accordance with program-specific requirements, and data analysis. Summers Engineering also has the capability to develop program-specific relational databases for GIS analysis.

Planning and Feasibility Studies

Summers Engineering provides a wide suite of activities related to planning and feasibility studies. This includes studies on potable water systems, irrigation systems, drainage systems, and pumping facilities. Work includes mapping, water demand analyses, on-site facility review, cost estimates, cost benefit analyses, report preparation, and coordination of other expert services that may be needed for a study.

Construction Management

Central Reservoir Pump Station at Henry Miller Reclamation District.

Central Reservoir Pump Station at Henry Miller Reclamation District

Summers Engineering has significant experience managing and administering various construction projects. This work includes providing field inspection and observation services, ongoing review of contractor's work, providing monthly progress payment estimates, managing reimbursement from state and federal funding agencies, performing final inspection, and providing recommendations for project acceptance.

Grant Applications and Administration

Development of successful grant proposals requires a unique set of skills and experience. Summers Engineering has obtained more than $50 million in grants and loans for its clients from a number of different agencies including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, California Department of Public Health, US Bureau of Reclamation, the State Water Resources Control Board, and the California Department of Water Resources. Additionally, Summers Engineering has managed the grant administration, met reporting requirements, and submitted invoices on behalf of the client.